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“Go to the place of sacrifice and witness it yourself for with the first drop of blood your sins are forgiven”

– Hadith narrated by al-Hakim in al-Mustadrak (7525)

What is An-Nahr Master?

An-Nahr Master Pte Ltd is a special purpose vehicle set up by Agro Master Pte Ltd (formerly known as Aaliyah’s Pte Ltd) and Alta Food and Agriculture Pte Ltd for the purpose of providing korban services in Singapore and the region.

In 2023, Aaliyah’s and Alta collaborated as separate entities to perform live korban at Masjid Al-Firdaus and at Masjid Petempatan Melayu Sembawang. In 2021 and 2022, Aaliyah’s was the only entity in Singapore to perform live korban, at Hay Dairies Farm and at Al-Wehdah Singapore, respectively.

An-Nahr Master has developed a high quality, high throughput system that will be managed by An-Nahr Master and forms the basis for the progression to centralized regional slaughter in Singapore. This includes a restraint box for the sheep and using trained slaughter, skinning and butchering staff.

Who is An-Nahr Master?

  • Rafee Eunos
    Rafee is the slaughter man and CEO of Agro Master Pte Ltd and a MUIS approved trainer in slaughter. He has been involved in Qurban in Singapore for over 18 years and the only slaughter expert in Singapore.
  • Dr. Michael Patching
    Michael is the animal man and MD of Alta Food and Agriculture Pte Ltd. Australian Veterinarian, Masters in Animal Welfare. Michael is the only livestock and slaughter specialist living in Singapore.
  • Zakaria Gapor
    Zakaria is the money man and Director of Agro Master Pte Ltd. Zakaria has experience managing all permits and approvals from MUIS, SFA, NParks, NEA, MOM, ESCAS, SLA
  • Zainal Abideen
    Zainal is the operations man. As COO Zainal has been involved in korban operations since the past 25 years. He  has been training slaughtermen for korban since the past 8 years.

Innovations and Commitments

An-Nahr Master has invested in continual improvements of the korban experience in Singapore.

We have made a commitment to ensure the best animal welfare for the livestock, including improved handling, transport, and slaughter processes. Our dedicated international veterinarian ensures the best outcomes possible.

We have also improved the processing speed and quality by bringing in trained slaughtermen, skinners and butchers. This means the meat hygiene and quality are significantly improved and you get your meat quicker.

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