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“... go to the place of sacrifice and witness it yourself for with the first drop of blood your sins are forgiven” - Hadith as narrated by al-Hakim in al-Mustadrak (7525)

We are committed to ensuring that the korban process of live sheep and goats is of the highest quality. We provide a premium service in line with Islamic regulations, and the ability to meet changing social expectations globally.

Siap akhirat, di dunia berkat

This is our 4th consecutive year performing Korban in Singapore. We will continue to invest in new technologies and systems to improve the handling and slaughter of the animals, and the speed for Sohibul between slaughter and meat collection.
Purchase Live Sheep in Singapore

High quality sheep from Victoria, Australia. Processed under highest quality conditions at the mosque in Singapore.

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Purchase Live Goats in Singapore

Male dairy goats from Hay Dairies in Singapore. Select and feed your own goat for korban.

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Purchase Live Sheep in Medan Indonesia

We apply the same strict principles in Medan, making sure all stocks are old enough and healthy for korban.

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