Local Hay Dairies Goats

Suggested Price: SGD $1,500

Price varies from $1,200 to $2,000 depending on goat selected. Contact us to come to Hay Dairies to select an animal 9653 4157.

Complete this form ONLY AFTER SELECTION of your goats at Hay Dairies following a visit or if you have made other arrangements via phone.

For multiple Sohibul per purchase please enter each Sohibul name and number of goats and click “add to cart”. Then perform the same for each next Sohibul. Payment for entire order made at check-out.



Hay Dairies is a goat dairy farm located at 250 Neo Tiew Crescent in the north of Singapore. The male goats are kept at the farm and this is the 4th year that they will be available for selection and sacrifice for korban.

The goats provide the unique opportunity for you and your family to select which goat you would like, name it, and feed it on weekends leading up to the event.

Goat prices therefore vary depending on the size and quality of the goat. And will need to be selected directly or via correspondence.

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Masjid Omar Salmah


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